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Hello! I'm Robert Stanley, 59, a seasoned pro in the gambling world. Living in Charlotte with my family for the past nineteen years, my life combines high-stakes casino games and heartwarming family moments. As a husband and father of three, my family is my joy and anchor, enriching my life beyond measure. Professionally, I thrive on the thrill of blackjack and craps in Vegas, leveraging my psychological insights to master these games. Beyond playing, I’m passionate about coaching others, helping them improve their chances, and winning more in casinos. My expertise has also taken me across the U.S., speaking at conferences and advising Fortune 500 companies. It's a journey that combines my love for the strategic aspects of gambling with the joy of teaching and sharing knowledge. Life, for me, is like a game of blackjack - a mix of skill, chance, and making the most of the hand you're dealt. Every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity, and I’m here to play my best hand, both at the table and at home.

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